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Reviews & Body Transformations

Anna C.

Working with Kylie was exactly what I needed! She is able to create individualized routines for each of her clients and push them in the ways that they all need. Strength was my top priority and I had no idea of my capabilities until I had someone like Kylie to push me. Cannot recommend her enough!

Kylie is exactly what I needed! It is night and day how much stronger and healthier I have become since going to her. If you’re looking for a trainer without all the BS, Kylie is your girl! She’s very fair with her rates and you can see the passion she has to help a client reach his/her goal. The workouts are tough, especially to start, but they will get easier over time. You will not regret going to her. 5 stars!

Timothy H.

Jennifer G.

Kylie has been a godsend to me. From our first meeting I sensed a kind, caring, and compassionate attitude. My physical training needs are compounded by my left side weakness and Kylie has been attentive and helpful to my abilities. She goes above and beyond the responsibilities of a physical trainer.

I’ve been training with Kylie since October 2021 and it is now June 2022 so a total of 8 months. In these 8 months my body has changed soooo much. I’ve gain muscle in ways I didn’t think was possible for my frame. She’s a trainer that will hold you accountable and continue to push you to go up in weight.


I highly recommend her for people that are serious about improving their strength and physique as you will see results. I started seeing results as early as 3 months as building muscle is not the same as losing weight. It definitely takes time. Have patience and mentally power through and I promise you’ll see a difference with her workouts.


I also enjoy that it is not the same thing every session. I’ve enjoyed working out with her and those that she has as her clients. It’s been encouraging and exciting to see others grow in their fitness journey with her as well.

Yamameh D.

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